X-Ray Technology Why We Use It Today

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It was once the case that things like xray technology and CT scanning services belonged in hospitals. In those days, people couldn’t even wrap their heads around the idea that those technologies could be used for anything else. However, times have changed and we’ve moved on with them. The fact is that industrial xray inspection has become a big part of the world of security and manufacturing. There are plenty of uses for x-ray inspection services that go far beyond checking for a broken bone, and x-ray computed tomography can reveal more than you would imagine. To understand how this process works, we’re going to dig a little deeper, and explore what it means to use this technology outside of the doctor’s office, and where it can be applied.

How Does Industrial Xray Inspection Work?

The term industrial xray inspection means that we’re using the x-ray equipment involved to scan for things like manufacturing errors, smuggled material, and much more. This may seem remarkable, but really, it’s what this technology was made for. An industrial x-ray scanner can take “photos” at a speed of up to 30 frames per minute, making the process quick and simple. It can also take scans of objects of almost any size. Parts ranging from .5 millimeters to up to 660 millimeters in diameter by one meter in length can be scanned, zooming in one what we really need to see. As for resolution, that typically corresponds to pixel size of .16 millimeters, with pixel size being directly related to spatial resolution. Ultimately, you end up with an inspection service that moves much faster than humans would be able to on their own, with much more accurate results.

But What Is It Used For?

The uses of x-ray inspection technology range widely. For one thing, they’ve long been used in a security-related context. Think, for example, of the many times you’ve had your bags scanned at an airport or museum. They can also be used to check for manufacturing errors in everything from complex technology to seemingly simple equipment. That’s why part size is so important. X-ray technology has even been used to check on whether or not certain technological equipment has been compromised, or as the colloquial term goes, “bugged” in the past. In short, x-rays have had a far greater impact on your life than you’d even know!

Why Use X-Ray Technology?

The fact is that as much as we’d like to let all jobs be performed directly by people, there are some times when our eyes just aren’t enough. X-rays are precise and focused, and allow us to look at something without missing any detail. This is why they’re so often used in high-level security: they don’t miss a thing, and they’re always effective. This makes whatever process they’re involved in run smoothly and without issue.