Print’s Not Dead Yet The Best Marketing Strategy Uses Both Digital and Print

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In this advanced digital age of online marketing and information sharing, the print medium seems to be become obsolete. Newspapers, magazines, books and mailings take a backseat to online marketing. But has the world of marketing really changed so much? Maybe not as much as we think.

Statistics are showing that printing companies may not be in so much trouble. For example, 73% of American consumers prefer old fashioned mail marketing to digital, and also a majority of Americans simply enjoy getting mail. It may seem somewhat romantic and quaint, but also it is just easier for some people to sort and organize physical papers than to keep track of things online. This is beneficial information to commercial printing companies because it means they are not out of a job.

Online marketing may be generally cheaper but it is certainly not free, and may not necessarily have more benefits. Your company may have to pay to advertise on websites, plus there is a cost for your own site, and things like search engine optimization can be pricey, to ensure that your site comes up high in the list of hits when a search is performed. A majority of small businesses agree that a combination of both digital marketing and print marketing make the best overall strategy.

There are many different methods of print advertising, that generally cost a little more than online, but less than television, and have proven to be highly effective. Promotional calendars are a great investment as they are kept all year and hung up in the home of a potential client. Promotional gifts with your company’s logo can also be highly effective, as 84% of American consumers say receiving that helps them retain the company’s name. Other unique ways of advertising include billboard, benches and car wraps. So get creative, and be sure to utilize a variety of the many methods of marketing at your disposal.