Why Manufacturing In The U.S. Helps Americans

industrial x-ray equipment

industrial x-ray equipmentAmerica’s security has been affected on many levels by changes in manufacturing. Between 70 and 80% of voters believe that our nation is less safe because of spending restrictions on our military, which has limited manufacture of new weapons and spending on military resources. Meanwhile, the cheapness of overseas manufacturing has sent many jobs elsewhere, rendering whole sectors of American economic activity defunct.

Amidst this paradigm, American innovation and ingenuity is more needed than ever to revitalize our manufacturing process and distinguish America from the developing nations that seek to become manufacturing powerhouses. By pioneering new tools and methods for the manufacturing process, we can explore new channels for industrial development and liberate our manufacturing process from the constraints it has been subjected to up until now.

Industrial CT scanning is just such a disruptive shift in manufacturing. These ingenious examples of industrial x-ray equipment show how much more is possible within manufacturing innovation. These devices can scan an object and produce visual computer models of every individual part. This is a huge asset for reverse engineering companies seeking to make component parts that belong to a finished model. This is a benefit for inspection services seeking to understand how a particular tool or component works without disassembling the whole apparatus. Industrial X-ray equipment also benefits 3D scanning companies seeking to break into the industrial manufacturing market.

Industrial CT scanning, or industrial computed tomography scanning, can be described as follows: an X-ray inspection advice is programmed to the best known specifications to account for various factors of a given object, such as porosity measurement, wall thickness analysis or fiber analysis. Once the materials and measured dimensions are specified, the CT scan is used to produce a computer-generated image of the exact item in question. This computer-generated image can be edited, redesigned or applied to a simulation of another industrial device. Within this framework, new explorations in industrial manufacturing can be done in a fully functioning software environment.

The potential impact industrial CT scanning could have on American manufacturing is huge. By foregrounding strategic innovations like these in our national policies, we can bolster American industry and keep our military and other major industrial operations running smoothly.

DISCLAIMER: This article is meant for the casual reader and is not intended as a primary source of information on how to use or operate industrial x-ray equipment.