Why Your Smartphone Camera Is No Match For A Real Digital Camera

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Do you use your smartphone to take most pictures? You’re not alone. Given how easy it is to take a decent-quality picture on one’s phone, many people have never learned what it’s like to use a real, professional digital camera. Digital cameras price can be a deterrent for some, whereas for others, the amount of digital camera information out there is intimidating.

Yet there are multiple reasons why purchasing a digital camera is a smart move, even if you have a smartphone that takes good pictures. Whether you’re looking to buy digital cameras online or find the best place to buy a digital camera, there are many ways to go about making your purchase. But what are the advantages to using a digital camera in what some believe to be the smartphone photography era?

Make Your Images Stand Out

Now that virtually everybody is pointing and clicking away with their smartphone cameras, our culture has become supersaturated with images. On Instagram, 70 million photos are shared each day, with a total of 30 billion shared so far. On Facebook, 350 million photos are uploaded each day by 1.39 billion active users. Even more astonishing is the fact that 10% of photos ever taken were taken within the last 12 months. With such a vast quantity of new photographs being taken and seen every second, how can a photographer possibly hope to make his or her work stand out?

Digital cameras are the right way to get pictures that will be seen and remembered. Even a cheap digital camera has enough options to enable a photographer to get the perfect shot. Professional pictures are twice as likely to be shared on social media as those generated by smartphone users. Best of all, digital camera information gives the photographer ultimate control over how their picture is composed and taken. A smartphone picture is the product of algorithms that the average smartphone user does not comprehend. Digital cameras communicate a professional and careful approach to photography.

Better Chances Of Employment

There are 136,000 American men and women currently employed as professional photographers, and employment in this field is projected to increase 4% in the next ten years. Even if you simply hope to sell the occasional image or work freelance as a photographer, a digital camera is a must.


There is plenty of digital camera information out there, but not everyone knows why it is a good choice to invest in this technology. Do you think digital cameras are here to stay, or that they will go the way of the dodo? Let us know.