A Professional Answering Service Could Increase Company Profits

Call answering services

Have you ever needed to speak to a customer service representative right — NOW — but the service department was closed for the day? It is frustrating in this ever-more connected world when someone proves difficult to get in contact with. Whether it is a small business or a conglomerate, availability is impressive, and appreciated.

A small business answering service may seem unnecessary, though it is anything but for companies that want to inspire loyalty in their customers or clients. One study estimated that companies who are able to retain 5% of their customers can see up to a 125% increase in profits. Loyalty pays.

So, what would a 24/7 answering service do for a company, maybe your company? Well, a quality answering service will listen to customer concerns, answer their questions, and take down their complaints. Customers like to call about these things when they happen, which does not always fall during traditional business hours.

Even a small business answering service would offer after hours answering services, freeing up company customer service representatives to resolve complaints during regular business hours. And customers would not be angry that they had to wait to speak to an actual person.

It is estimated as many as 61% of Americans would rather speak to a customer service representative over the phone. Even the most sophisticated voice-recognition system cannot give the level of service a small business answering service can provide. People like speaking to real live people who can understand and sympathize with their unique problem.

Businesses only hear from about 4% of their disgruntled customers. The rest quietly grumble to themselves. And anyone else who will listen. Word-of-mouth advertising works both ways.

If satisfied customers help your business, it pays to keep them satisfied and hear their concerns. When the customer wants to get in contact with your company, make it easy for them. They will appreciate it, and in turn will tell everyone what great customer service they experienced, and how easy it was to speak to a real person.