Industrial Xray Inspection Provides Security

Industrial ct scan

It is often difficult to comprehend how one discovery can benefit so many different fields. Industrial xray inspection, for example, is one technology that benefits several major industries in our society, including transportation security screening and automobile parts inspection. One technology, various applications.
Industrial x-ray equipment has become a standard at all airports across the world. The reliability of these machines is responsible for the safety of nearly every passenger who flies anywhere in the world. No one who flies today would expect to board a plane without first being scanned by an industrial xray inspection. The continued advancement of this technology allows our air transportation to be safer and more secure.
The same technology that keeps air travel safer is the same technology that can also monitor the contents of cargo that is trucked, railed, or shipped across this world. Contents of cargo containers can be examined through the use of industrial xray inspection. Highway patrol stops can determine the contents of trucks and other vehicles crossing borders; shipping ports can use the same industrial scanning equipment to inspect shipping cargo; rail yards can use similar technology to inspect freight that travels the rails across the country. When 69% of registered voters say they would increase spending on America?s national security, they are essentially saying that they are willing to invest funding in not only security personnel, but also industrial scanning technologies.
In addition to scanning the contents of containers, industrial xray inspection actually allows the scanning of the individual parts of the planes, trains and automobiles that carry all of this cargo. In the center of the U.S., for example, in a rail yard in North Platte, Nebraska, industrial scanning technology can monitor the stability and safety of the most important parts of trains. This technology, housed in what is affectionally called The Crack House, can examine the most necessary and vulnerable parts of trains that transport the products and goods that our nation needs to survive.
In the automobile industry, this xray technology is used to inspect parts before the cars, trucks and vans are even built. The technology that enables a picture of details that would otherwise be invisible to the unaided human eye. Although the technology itself is an expensive investment, it can safe money in the long run. For example, the newest and most advanced industrial CT scanning and xray processes allow both manufacturers and customers to reduce their new product inspection costs and failure analysis costs. In some cases these savings can be as great as 25% to 75% when compared to existing, outdated technology.
Often when a new technology is discovered, it is difficult to imagine all of the impact it will have. Xray and scanning technologies are examples of scientific theories that are used in many aspects of our day to day lives.