Why Your Internet Marketing Plan Should Focus on Mobile-Friendly Web Designs

Professional web design

If you own a small business and you haven’t given much attention to creating a mobile web design for your customers that use smartphones and tablets to access the internet, then you probably aren’t just keeping your business from growing — you could actually be actively harming the success of your business.

Many business owners don’t realize is that an effective digital marketing strategy actually depends on having a functional and responsive web design, and that creating a web page design specifically geared toward mobile device users is becoming one of the most important trends in the marketing advertising industry.

Mobile device users, in particular, make up a huge portion of internet shoppers. Sales on mobiles devices (like smartphones and tablets) now account for about 23% of all internet sales, and about 72% of all tablet owners make purchases on their devices at least once a week.

Even if internet users don’t actually make purchases online, most people do product research before making a purchase, and researchers have estimated that about $1.1 trillion worth of retail sales in 2011 were conducted on the internet or were influenced by internet research.

Considering these statistics, businesses that haven’t focused on creating professional web designs, and specifically those who haven’t paid attention to mobile web designs, are more likely to suffer in the long run. About 75% of all internet users say they judge the credibiltiy of a business based solely on its web page design, and at least 40% of all people using mobile devices will just leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

In other words, your business could have some great content and tons of helpful information, but if this content is too difficult to access, your audience isn’t likely to see it at all. Get more here.