Do You PPC? Here’s What You Might Not Know About Pay Per Click Advertising

Keyword research for ppc

If you’re new to advertising for your business online, you may have come across the term “pay per click,” or PPC. Pay per click search engine advertising uses ads that are targeted to specific keyword searches. For instance, someone who wants pizza in Chicago will search in Google for what they want. A pizza parlor in Chicago using PPC ads will have a link to their website sitting above the search results in Google. Because Google holds an estimated 67.6% of the search engine market share in the U.S., this method of advertising is often cost efficient and highly effective for businesses.

PPC ads are developed based on the keywords that a business may want to target for their ads. A PPC advertising agency will perform keyword research for PPC campaigns for their clients to determine which searches may bring them some traffic. The cost of these keywords is determined by Google AdWords, the platform that advertisers use for such ads. PPC analysts should be AdWords certified, so they understand how to get the most out of your advertising budget. After all, you’ll want them to choose keywords that people are actually searching — not the ones that don’t get any traffic!

How much does pay per click cost? As the name implies, you pay for each time your ad is clicked on. The costs, however, can vary widely. Some ads will cost as little as a few cents every time someone clicks them; others, for more competitive keywords, may cost more. The good news, however, is that PPC can yield a return on investment of 300% or more. In fact, that may even be a conservative estimate, considering that around 93% of internet experiences begin with the use of a search engine.

If traditional advertising hasn’t been cutting it for your business, it may be time to expand your digital marketing portfolio. In addition to using PPC, you might also consider optimizing your website for search engines and for mobile use and expanding your social media presence. Talk to your marketing company about your options, or find a reputable agency in your area that can provide these services for you.

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