Why Do Rack Enclosures Matter to Your in-House IT?

19 inch rack dimensions

The internet is more important for businesses than ever before. According to statistics from eMarketer, web users will spend $1.5 trillion online by the end of 2014, making it extremely important for you to host your website on a server you can rely on. At the same time, whether you’re talking about your website, employee data, or customer information, your company is more vulnerable than ever, with cyber-criminals seemingly on the rise. By bringing your IT in-house by building your own server room, you can keep tighter controls over your technology, gaining the advantages of being connected to the web, while simultaneously having control over the minutia of your IT.

That being said, you can’t just set up a couple of computers and call it a server. You need to think about the operating systems and computing hardware that will power your conquest of the worldwide web. Most importantly, perhaps, you need to think about the server rack enclosures you plan to use to support your burgeoning IT solution.

Three Reasons to Be Careful when Choosing Rack Enclosures

  1. The Right Rack Can Future-Proof Your IT
  2. As The Data Center Post writes, depending on the type of rack enclosures you use, you might be able to future-proof your company from having to buy new racks. Blade enclosures, for example, are known to be among the most powerful types out there, but they lack the space necessary to customize your computers over time. Rack servers are one of the most popular methods, as they allow for power and customizability as your IT needs grow.

  3. Certain Systems Require Certain Amounts of Power
  4. For all the benefits of in-house IT, you should know that having your own server room comes with considerable risks, server room fires being the chief among these. The biggest cause of server room fires? Rack enclosures without the proper power ratings. Your computers need certain amounts of power to function at peak efficiency. If they aren’t given enough power, they will eventually start to short components. In the most extreme circumstances, they will light on fire, making for a serious risk to your business and employees. Always choose a rack option that meets your power needs.

  5. Rack Enclosures Need to Be Able to Shoulder the Load
  6. The last thing you’ll need to consider when choosing rack enclosures is their weight capacity. Especially as your IT needs expand, your server systems will become extremely heavy. Your enclosures need to be rated to handle that load, or you could walk in your server room one day to see your expensive technology laying in a heap on the floor.

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