Seven Website Design Tips and Tricks

Mobile website design tips

We all know that fashion trends change, return, and change again. We see popular food brands come and go, as well as music. But have you ever realized that website design ideas and tips also change with the times?

Recent surveys have reported that 54% of small business owners admit they could use some help in improving their social media marketing skills, and that often includes learning new website design tips and tricks. Here are a few essential website design ideas.

  1. “Flat” User Interface: An estimated 59% of mobile users believe a mobile website should load in three seconds or less, and once it’s loaded, what do they want to see? A flatter looking interface such as what Apple launched with it’s iOS7. The less 3D looking, the better.
  2. Scrolling is Key: Custom website designers are still seeing a scrolling trend as more companies are trying to make their website mobile user friendly.
  3. Less Text: Graphic design agencies are still pushing for a simplified appearance, meaning less text and more graphics. Less text means your viewers will have a better attention span when looking at your website’s various pages. Keep it short and simple.
  4. Minimalist Navigation: Don’t overwhelm your customers with a complex, multi-bracketed navigation bar that often leads to the same places because the website designer themselves got confused about what click leads to where.
  5. Video and Moving Backgrounds: Websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page of results — so skip the text when you can and add a video that portrays the same message.
  6. Varied Typography: Web site design companies have seen an increased interest in web fonts as of late; bigger font sizes are very popular, as are mixing and matching a block font with a flowing, curly font.
  7. Monochromatic Design: One of the most useful website design tips and tricks is to keep the color scheme simple and not overwhelm your viewer’s eyes. Fifty shades of gray, anyone? It may be a better decision than three different colors altogether.

Hopefully these website design tips and tricks will get your creative juices flowing when it comes to figuring out what your next website revamp will look like. Of course, hiring a web design agency will always yield better, more professional results. For more, read this link: