Which Search Engine Optimization Marketing Service is Right For Your Business?

Search engine optimization company

Digital marketing is becoming one of the most important aspects of running a business. Smart phones have allowed consumers to search for local and national businesses within seconds. In fact, more than half of mobile searches are made in hopes of finding important information about a local business, such as business hours and an address. Of those searches, 60% result in a purchase. Combined with the fact that 75% of users never look past the first page of results, search engine optimization is key for a business’ success.

When it comes to hiring a search engine optimization marketing service, it’s important to know what your needs are. There are different types of SEO companies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you are interested in hiring an SEO marketing company, educate yourself first.

Types of SEO marketing services:

  1. Freelancer: Freelancing is becoming popular among young adults breaking into the search engine optimization marketing industry. Most freelancers are individuals without any direct connection with a business or organization. They work remotely and depending on their level of experience, may offer lower prices. However, freelancers aren’t supervised like those working at an agency so their work may not be ideal.
  2. Agency: SEO marketing companies that focus solely on digital marketing are a common choice for business owners. With a team of employees, all with different levels of experience, there are more opinions and tactics readily available. A reputable agency will also be devoted to good customer service, meaning they are readily accessible to clients. They will also become familiar with your services, products, business model and business goals. They will use this information to utilize SEO tools ideal for your business.
  3. In-House: If you have more money allocated in your budget for SEO services, hiring an employee to handle your digital marketing may be the best idea. They can report directly to you and since they will be on-location, they will be available for any questions or ideas you may have. Paying a salaried employee may be more costly in the short-term but can depending on how much search engine optimization work you need done, it can be less expensive than a freelancer.

Have you worked with an SEO agency? Do you have a preference for your SEO services? Sound off in the comments below!