The Top 3 Services You Should Expect From a Top Online Marketing Company

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It can be tough to choose between Internet marketing companies, especially when each and every Internet marketing agency out there seems to have a different focus. While there’s nothing wrong with specialization — and indeed, finding a specialized company might work best for some small businesses — there are a few basic trends that an agency simply must be on top of in the current online climate. Here’s what you should expect from a top online marketing company:

  1. Mobile Optimization

    Mobile optimization has been growing in importance for a while now, as a significant number of mobile users (about half, currently) use their smartphones as their primary method of accessing the Internet. But some of Google’s recent updates (including a new mobile usability assessment feature in Google Webmaster Tools) have industry experts wondering if mobile capability will soon become a factor in search engine rankings, too.

    Of course, even if mobile optimization doesn’t become a factor in picking an SEO company, it’s still an important part of marketing when it comes to consumer impressions. Users are increasingly frustrated by sites that are clumsy on mobile platforms, and about three-fourths of consumers say they’re more likely to revisit a site that is mobile friendly.

  2. Content Marketing

    SEO used to be a semi-shady practice that involved trying to manipulate the ranking algorithms used by search engines. While there are still some SEO companies trying these strategies (generally to their clients’ detriment), the best way to boost SEO is actually also one of the best ways to boost a brand in general: content marketing.

    Content marketing involves creating unique, useful content that establishes your business as an industry expert. A top online marketing company will either help you create this content or contract with writers who will create relevant, meaningful articles related to your field of work. The articles can then be used both on your website and elsewhere online in order to demonstrate your authority in the industry.

  3. Targeted PPC Campaigns

    Pay per click, or PPC, garners less attention than it used to in the face of growing attention on content-based SEO. Part of that is justified; about 70% of users simply ignore paid links in favor of organic results. But having your links show up in the “paid results” section of a search engine can still drive quite a bit of traffic.

    The key when choosing a PPC management company is making sure they’re doing adequate keyword research. The way PPC advertising works with search engines is that you bid to have your link show up when users type in specified keywords. Popular keywords (in more saturated markets) therefore end up costing more. But less popular keywords also draw less traffic. And choosing the wrong keywords will have users who do click on your link quickly bouncing elsewhere, since they’ll probably find your site irrelevant.

What else do you think should be offered by a top online marketing company? Share your priorities and discuss in the comments.

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