Tips for Getting Started with Your Software Asset Management Program

Microsoft licensing compliance

Software license management tools are great resources for companies looking for software license optimization. With proper software license management tools, a company can avoid non-compliance fees, utilize systems fully and negotiate better software deals.

But implementing a software management system can be a bumpy process, so it’s important to go into it with a few crucial things in mind.

A software asset management program doesn’t solve all your problems overnight. It takes time, patients, and careful policy-making to be successful. Remember, software license management tools only work if you have the time and personnel necessary to utilize them. An SAM program isn’t a magic bullet and you need to delegate your resources carefully to make sure it works.

Software licensing is vast and complex, so it’s important to start big and broad and work your way down to the smaller programs. Start with licenses from companies that are likely to hit you with huge audit fees if they find you in non-compliance, like Microsoft. If you prioritize by risk level, you’ll be more prepared for major audits than if you just scrolled down your list in no particular order.

While implementing your SAM program, make sure you keep in mind that it isn’t a one time thing; people who use the system after you will need to know how to use it as well. Focus on ironing out simple procedures for tracking and maintaining licenses in the future. Otherwise you could spend a week getting perfectly organized but find yourself unable to replicate the same level of organization in a year. You should also have policies in place should an audit occur while you’re implementing your program.

Keep track of your human resources as well. Who’s going to be in charge of maintaining licenses? Who will software requests go through? Who will secure new licenses? All of these things should be ironed out before you roll out your program.

Keep a level head and stay organized and you should get through your SAM implementation just fine.