New Report Finds Cloud Hosting to Be the New Normal in IT Enterprise

Cloud hosting service

According to a new report from Verizon titled “State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2014,” cloud hosting servers have become the most mainstream delivery model for enterprise IT, which means they provide the “new normal” hosting solution.

The network collected data between June 2013 and July 2014, and found that 65% of enterprises are currently using cloud hosting services in some way, shape, or form. Enterprise spending on cloud hosting also increased 38% over the period in which the data was collected. This suggests that cloud servers have become an integral part of companies’ IT operations — the type of service that allows companies to stay competitive.

“[Companies] know that cloud can deliver when it matters,” noted the report, “and they are busy developing the skills that they need to specify, procure, and manage cloud services.”

The report’s findings should come as no surprise, though. For a long time now, cloud hosting services have offered the best dedicated server hosting solutions, allowing companies to become more efficient and save money.

Another recent study found that 52% of companies say cloud hosting has enabled them to create new products and services more quickly, while another 55% of companies saw an increase in efficiency.

What’s more, it’s a proven money-saver. In fact, about 82% of companies reportedly saved money after moving digital assets to the cloud. More specifically, companies who’ve moved apps to the cloud have been able to cut costs by about 21% per year. A quarter of companies (25%) saw a decrease in IT costs after moving to the cloud, too.

Basically, the report confirms what most already know — that cloud hosting is the superior form of web hosting and that it’s the most common sense way to create an online presence. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.