The 3 Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Services

3d x-ray

Are you thinking about investing in testing for your product? If so, you should look for the highly accurate and technologically advanced process of 3D laser scanning. Not only is the state-of-the-art technology constantly changing and updating, but it provides a plethora of benefits. Read on to find out what they are:

Extreme Accuracy
3d laser scanning services don’t have a size requirement. In fact, parts as small as .55mm are visible. And as far as big parts go, the industrial scanners can see parts as big as 660 mm in diameter. This 3d laser technology is highly accurate, saving you peace of mind. Additionally, it gives consumers a sense of confidence knowing that you take your products’ quality and safety seriously.

Keeps Products Intact
Many pieces of medical equipment cannot be taken apart when tested for safety. Alternatively, 3D scanning uses reverse engineering in order to test the parts without taking the machinery apart. With this technology, they are able to create a 3D rendering of every layer and part, making it easy to guarantee safety and accuracy.

Easy to Export
Regardless of what kind of data you have or need where you need to put it, many companies allow you to export the information about your product’s 3D scans to a cloud-based system. This gives you the capability to access your data from wherever you are at any given moment.This also allows you to analyze the data, giving you and your clients the transparency you/they want and need.

CT scanning technology is rapidly evolving as the days go by. Only years prior, 3D scanning projects used to take hours to generate. Now, they take only seconds to complete. It’s even possible to construct 3d models within seconds. Just think of how this will impact the world of innovation!
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