Protect Your Devices and Save Energy With a Power Strip Surge Protector

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To protect your electronics against the possibility of damage caused by a sudden electrical surge, it’s a good idea to use a power strip surge protector. Such a device will help prevent or mitigate damage caused by a sudden electrical surge.

You can typically expect a smartphone to last at least two years, but its life will be shortened tremendously if it gets hit by an electrical surge while charging. Phones that are hooked up to cell phone cables are vulnerable to damage from an electrical surge. The same goes for other electronics. If you have a desktop computer that’s always plugged in, it could get fried by a power surge and wind up completely ruined. Anything that’s being charged — a tablet or laptop, for example — also is in danger of being ruined by an electrical surge.

With a power strip surge protector, you reduce the risk of your electronics being ruined by a power surge. Your surge protector does this by diverting extra electricity into a grounding wire, which ensures that excess electricity does not surge into your devices. Power surges typically come from your home being hit by lightning, but they can be due to some sort of electrical malfunction.

In addition to protecting your electronic devices, power strip surge protectors also have other benefits. One of the biggest is that they give you extra outlets to plug things into. Your typical outlet has two plug ins, whereas power strips usually have at least six outlets, tripling the number of things you can plug in. That allows you to plug in a computer, TV, cell phone cable accessories and any number of other electronic devices.

Another advantage to having a power strip is energy savings. When you turn off your electronics, they continue to draw small amounts of power. It’s a pain to unplug them all, but if you have a power strip, you can just flip the switch and it shuts off all devices and prevents them from sucking any extra electricity. There also are smart power strips that automatically shut off to save you energy.

Whether protecting your cell phone and cell phone accessories or just wanting to save power, having a power strip surge protector is a good idea that is well worth the small amount of money.