Is Custom Web Development a Smart Investment Or Just Another Expense?

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For most people, about 93% actually, the first stop they make on the internet is a search engine. Internet users are searching for something, and for your online business to be successful you’ll need your website to have what they are looking for. Now, no business can be all things to all people of course, but there are easy steps you can take in terms of web development that can help boost website traffic.

No matter how big or small, with stability or just-launched-jitters, your company is going to go through a period of web development if it is to have an online footprint. This is because the web development is a process, one that encompasses plain HTML scripts, social network services, and internet applications, to name a few. Even if your business’s online presence reaches a level that you and your partners are satisfied with, it is still a smart move to be plan ahead for future expansion. Web development, then, is a path with peaks and valleys.

Part of this plan for expansion or improvement has to do with the fickle nature of human beings. For example, when a website is taking longer than three seconds to load nearly 40% of web users will simply click off, which means the time your website spends lagging on a potential customer’s computer will cost the company money. For the customers who proceed even if they need to wait for the webpage to load, an astounding 46% reveal that they main method they use to determine the credibility of a company is by how well-designed the website design appears.

Because customers are forming judgements about your company before they even browse your products or services, it might be beneficial to question your company’s custom web development needs. There are many web design options available for websites of all purposes, yet it could prove difficult to find one that perfectly suits your needs. To start with, it can be beneficial to figure out the tone that will best suit the products or services you sell. Once that first step is decided upon, it is time to choose the interactive details.

For instance, will a scrolling content window best showcase the company’s products, or would high-resolution pictures tell a better story? Should the option to join the company mailing list be made a pop-up, or is it better to have the prompt box at the bottom of the page? Remember, the people browsing the site are determining if your company is credible, or in other words, should they buy something or not?

Online shopping is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, many experts estimate that it will only become more ubiquitous. Nearly 85% of customer relations won’t involve speaking to another human being by 2020. How vital do you think a company’s website will be then? Do your company a favor. Make web development ongoing process now. You’ll be more competitive in a changing landscape.