5 Problems With Low Cost or Free Webpage Design Companies

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The internet has made it possible for business owners to entirely create their own web design and marketing materials. There are a variety of creativity programs that are free or come at a minimal cost for creating graphic designs. However, it is important to understand the risks of using generic images for your digital and print marketing needs. These free or low cost design sites may fit into the budget, but you might be surprised at the common problems associated with them.

You are not receiving unique designs
You want to express your uniqueness to your customers. You want to encourage them that they should do business with you, and not a local competitor. This often involves educating and offering a unique product or service to the consumer. Free digital marketing platforms are able to provide you with free designs, because they are not specifically designed for your business or your consumers. This means that other businesses could be using the same digital design and digital marketing method. Local printing services, on the other hand, provide you with unique designs specifically catered to your customers.

You are not involved in the creative process
There is not much interaction when it comes to using free designs on the internet. You are provided with a simple and generic design, and it is almost impossible to make changes to that design. This is in comparison to local printing services, who offer more of a collaborative process. Nobody understands your customers and your business better than you do. When you are involved in the creative and digital marketing process, you can provide valuable feedback. When given 15 minutes to consume content, two thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain. With local printing services, you can get something that is designed beautifully.

You have no legal rights
When you rely on free images, you have little in terms of legal rights. Even if the online company promises you individual rights, this will not hold up without legal documents. The free online site can also make success promises and never hold up to them. When you work with professional web designers at the local printing services, however, you are usually protected with a contract. If the company does not come through on promised services, you have legal rights to sue.

Decreased internet optimization
SEO is extremely important in a business?s online and local success. When you use generic and copied images and designs, you are actually harming your ranking chances. You will also find that free online services do not provide you with effective SEO methods. About 72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic, according to a June 2015 report from Ascend2. You will need to work with local printing services or a professional SEO provider to create a successful and unique SEO digital marketing campaign.

Lack of professionalism
Customers expect that the businesses they frequent portray a high level of professionalism. This means professional web design, unique content, and efficiently working webpages. Approximately 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images will not load or take too long to load. One of the easiest ways to lose customers is to ignore webpage design and efficiency. Technical problems within a website can be a huge problem. However, when you use a free or low paid service, it is not as simple to have them corrected.

A professional web design and logo brand development is important for business success. It is not always smart to cut internet presence costs by going with free or low cost designers. Local printing services and digital marketing professionals are able to provide your business with unique images and content, better target your customers, and correct any technical problems within the business site.