The Importance of Good Signage for Trade Show Booths

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Were you aware that people engage more often with printed rather than digital material? Furthermore, about 50% of a business’ customers will enter that business due to its signage. This applies to signs at trade shows and other types of event booths as well.

Different Types of Trade Show Booths

If you’re planning to attend your first trade show or a related event, you may be interested to learn a few details about booths. Standard and linear booths are also referred to as inline booths. In general, these booths are 10 feet wide, 10 feet deep, and arranged in straight lines throughout the event space. There will usually be other exhibitors to the left and right, which provides a front exposure for attendees.

Island booths, however, will use more space. The maximum height for these booths is generally 16 feet to 20 feet. These height requirements also include allowances for signage.

Tips for Your Booth’s Graphics

Whether you’re using banners, posters, or another type of signage for your booth, there are a few important points to keep in mind. Were you aware that your sign’s graphic images and lettering should contain a significant portion of empty space? About 40% to be more exact. Basically, this blank space makes your graphics easier for people to track and read. In other words, your printing company will tell you that this has the potential to increase your booth’s, thus your business’, visibility.

The Value of Face-to-Face Networking

In general, exhibitors attend trade shows and similar events to meet with customers, suppliers, re-sellers, and other key personnel. A recent survey showed that 47% of these exhibitors value being able to meet these important players in person. Furthermore, 51% also value the opportunity to meet existing and potential customers face-to-face. When businesses and customers connect in this way, ongoing business relationships are often formed.

The Value of Trade Show Exhibits for Marketing Purposes

When surveyed, 99% of the participating marketers claimed they discovered trade show exhibits provided a unique value. It’s interesting to note that they reported other marketing mediums didn’t provide this same value. Having the opportunity to engage with people in-person can have a profound effect on conducting business.

Another benefit of this type of marketing is that 81% of trade show display attendees usually have buying authority. This is significant because 4 out of 5 people that are in attendance could be potential customers. Furthermore, a business’ products and services can be explained and/or demonstrated in greater detail in this type of venue rather than through social media or other marketing methods.

Trade Shows and Annual Marketing Budgets

How much of your total annual marketing budget are you planning to allocate for events and exhibit displays? The average company, for instance, will spend about 31.6% of its budget for this purpose every year. The total annual amount exhibitors in the United States spend for these for trade show displays alone is $24 billion.

It’s interesting to note, however, that 70% of these exhibitors didn’t have specific objectives in place for their trade show exhibits. Once you and your employees have attended or otherwise participated in a trade show, your objectives will likely become clear.

Printing Company Services to Promote Your Company

When attending a trade show in the United States, the average visitor will spend 9.5 hours viewing different exhibits. Since you want visitors to spend time at your booth, using the best trade show banner printing service can contribute to your visibility.

In addition to needing a printing company to provide signage, you and your representatives will likely need business cards, posters, and other types of printed materials. These can all be provided by a printing company that specializes in trade show and other types of business marketing materials. More can be found here.