Improving Your Visibility and Control Over Your Network

In this video, you will learn about taking control of your network. It discusses 3 things you can do to improve your network visibility and maintain control. It will make it better and give you some scalability.

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The first is SNMP. SNMP is a good and reliable way to graph how much CPU usage is happening, how much memory is being taken up on a device, and more. This has been around forever. Triple-A is the next thing you can do to improve your network visibility. That stands for accounting, authorization, and authentication. Using these, you can configure a radius server to authenticate all of your network devices. The biggest benefit of Triple-A is if you had a contract or a new employee, and you wanted to grant them access to manage your network infrastructure, you can do so using Triple-A. This is also helpful when you no longer want someone to have access, you can disable them from all accounts and networks. Finally and lastly, there is net flow. An example of this is if you have SNMP, and you wanted to see all of the traffic that’s happening over a particular interface, net flow gives you the granular visibility to be able to do so.