How to Help Your IT Staff Adjust to Cloud Computing

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Today, the cloud is known as one of the most transformative new technologies of our time. Allowing individuals to store and process information over the internet, cloud computing can save companies and administrations a great deal of space, time and money. However, the cloud is still an uncertain territory for many users, making cloud consultants, cloud assessment services, training and more an advisable choice for organizations interested in successfully implementing this change. Unfortunately, many people don’t think to extend this training to one of the most important groups: their IT team. But how do you overcome set protocols, preconceptions and more to help these professionals adapt to the cloud?

The IT-focused website recently discussed this issue, calling the divide between IT professionals and the cloud a culture clash waiting to happen. After all, IT services have long acted as the main source of technological knowledge. However, now that many businesses and government agencies are turning to the cloud, the nature of their work and their place in their organizations are changing. And while we tend to think of our computer-literate staff members as being as flexible and adaptable as our technology, the truth is that many IT teams have not been properly trained and have little experience working with the cloud. Fortunately, cloud broker services, which help connect companies and government bodies with the right technology services for their needs, have a few tips that can help.

First, Prepare and Explain Your Goals
Organizations should not turn to cloud computing simply to keep up with the pack: they need to know exactly how the technology can help them. In these situations, cloud broker services may be able to use their expertise to help identify potential applications. But once this is decided, the organization needs to make sure that their employees know how the cloud will change their work environment and responsibilities. This is especially true for IT teams: explain the nature of the change, how their work will be different, and what services will remain the same.

Second, Offer Training
All of your employees will need to be trained to ensure they are using the cloud safely, but this is especially important when it comes to the people who will probably be asked to help. Make sure your IT staff knows exactly what the cloud is, what it does, how to use it, and who to call when something goes wrong. It might be difficult explaining virtual computer networks and other concepts, and there will be an adjustment period, but this will make your operations more efficient in the long-run.

Third, Emphasize Implementation
IT services are often trained to focus on standardization. However, not every organization, or even every department within an organization, will use the cloud the same way. For example, some will only use partial cloud services, while others will rely totally on this system. By cooperating with your cloud broker services and your IT team, you can focus on making the cloud work for you and work out any kinks.

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