How Great Printing Companies Set Themselves Apart

Large format

If you’re looking at various types of printing companies, you might get overwhelmed at what you find. The commercial printing industry can be segmented by the kind of customers they serve (large corporations, small businesses, individuals, etc.), the printing techniques they offer (digital, offset, 3D, etc.) or the way they interact with their customers (storefront, online, etc.). But how does any of that help you find the kind of printing companies you want to work with? If you’re looking at business printing on any scale, here are the things you ought to be looking for:

  1. A Printing Company That Offers Both Digital and Offset Printing

    A full explanation of both these techniques is beyond the scope of this article, but you should know not all printing companies offer both. One reason to choose a print company that does is that each technique has its advantages, and while your current project might do better on one, your next project might be better off using the other.

  2. A Printing Company That Offers Printing on Tight Turnarounds

    Every day that you’re waiting on a printed product could be a day that you’re losing customers. You should work only with printing companies known for staying on deadline, even when the turnaround is tight.

  3. A Printing Company That Can Handle Large-Scale Printing Projects

    One of the easiest ways to distinguish top printing companies from mediocre ones is if they offer large format printing. This isn’t cheap — and it takes a lot of specialized equipment, which is why not all printing companies can do it — but it can really make a difference, especially when it comes to your outdoor marketing success.

  4. A Printing Company That Helps With Design and Installation

    One of the major downsides of all the online printing companies that have cropped up is that they reduce printing to a very narrow part of the overall process: physically transferring ink onto the material in question. It’s up to you to upload a design, and it’s up to you to install your prints once they arrive in the mail. For business purposes, full-service printing companies that guide you all the way from brainstorming to installation are the way to go.

  5. A Printing Company That Takes All Your Concerns Seriously

    As with any other B2B relationship, the customer service you end up receiving from your printer will be enormously important when it comes to your overall success. If a printing company wants your business, then you should feel comfortable asking questions, raising concerns and setting high expectations.

Do you have any advice to share on choosing among all the printing companies out there? Leave your feedback in the comments.