Three of the Most Fun Things You Can Do With a Camera

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There are more things you can do with point and shoot digital cameras than take selfies. Here are just a few of neat, fun ideas.

Photo Scavenger Hunt.

One of the most fun things you and your friends can do with point and shoot digital cameras is go on a scavenger hunt. Get about six friends, and break up into two teams of three. Then, take point and shoot digital cameras with you as you drive around your town or city, trying to snap pictures of crazy stuff you have listed. Some ideas to put on the list could be some doing parkour, a stranger giving a team member a piggyback ride, or maybe someone working a job that they don’t actually work.

Create a Visual Story.

Who said you had to use words to tell a story? Rather than tell your audience a story, why not use point and shoot digital cameras to show your audience a tale. Come up with a heart-rending, gust-busting story, and try to think of ways you could tell it visually by taking snapshots of you and your friends.

Create Optical Illusions.

For even more fun with point and shoot digital cameras, why not try taking a crack at coming up with optical illusions? Play with perspective to make it look like one friend is eating another (by having one friend stand far, far away and another stand close to the camera). Another cool one you can do is have a friend lay down on the sidewalk, with their feet on a building. Then turn the camera so it faces them, making it look like the world topsy-turvey. Who said you needed a ton of fancy equipment from online digital camera stores to take interesting, complicated shots?

These are just a few, fun ideas you can use to get more use out of your point and shoot digital cameras. If you know of any other neat things to do, feel free to share in the comments. More like this article.