Why Good Security Systems Also Address Digital Security

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When it comes to creating a bulletproof security system, your business needs to have more than just a good security camera system and private VoIP phone systems — everything from disaster recovery plans (which involve imagining the worst possible scenarios and are best not to think about for too long) to network management that pulls from cloud servers is all important for a good security system.

If you don’t think that security should be the top concern of your business, consider these statistics:

  • Experts estimate that about 43% of businesses in the U.S. experienced a data breach of some sort, and this includes business and organizations from all industries.
  • Small human errors, like a lost laptop or a poorly chosen password, account for about 29% of all data breaches (although this number, oddly enough, continues rising — it seems as though a robot revolution might actually result in a more secure world).
  • Power outages cost the U.S. about $80 billion per year, and businesses often end up paying a lot of money for things like data recovery, lost sales, and increased tech support — no matter how big the business is or what industry it’s in.

Quite simply, it doesn’t matter what your business does, or where it’s located — a security system is the best way to ensure that you don’t let down your customers, employees, and business partners. Whether this means that you create an extensive hurricane disaster plan, or invest in some storage space halfway across the country to ensure that your files are backed up — there are tons of ways to create a good security system for your business, in terms of physical security and digital security. Refernce materials.