Find the Best Pharmacy POS Software and Grow Your Business

Pharmacy pos system 2014

If you?re an independent pharmacy owner, you know how costly it is to upgrade your point of sale (POS) system. This may make it hard to justify modernizing a system that appears to be working well, but in fact the numbers may surprise you: mobile POS terminals grew 111 percent from 2011 to 2012; an astounding 9.5 million terminals, and is projected to reach 46 percent of the market by 2017! What can that mean for your customers?

Customer Benefits of the best POS Software System

    Pharmacy POS systems can be used in any area of the sales floor, so employees can be more productive and customer wait periods are shorter.

    Pharmacy POS systems record customer information for a seamless transaction.

    Pharmacy POS systems have integrated credit card swiping and electronic signature capabilities, so your employee and customer won?t have to complete business at a traditional cash register.

    A POS system can keep track of customer loyalty programs, promotions, and customer frequent shopper points, too.

    POS systems are able to easily keep track of customer loyalty programs, loyalty promotions, and frequent shopper points.

      It?s not just your customers who receive the benefits of the best pharmacy POS software system, either. A new POS can help your bottom line, too:

      Business Benefits of a POS System

      Elderly people spend approximately 10 billion dollars each year on drugs, and nearly a quarter of all seniors take eight or more medications. Accurate and efficient service will lead to both repeat business and assurance that your customer is receiving all their prescriptions.

      A full ten percent of hospitalizations result from improper medication usage, which can be diminished by either a POS used at bedside or in your business so the patient receives proper counseling on the usage of their medications.

      A Point of Sale system will manage your inventory, flag items that are low in stock, and analyze your sales patterns.

      A POS system will provide a real-time report of sales, so you can assess which products are moving and which are lagging in sales.

      Because a POS system will help you order more efficiently, you may be able to negotiate lower costs with your vendors.

      A POS system can pinpoint theft by employees as well as customers attempting to obtain fraudulent prescriptions.

      All in all, it?s obvious that the best pharmacy POS software systems are the future of retail transactions. To keep your business thriving you should find the best pharmacy POS software and system as soon as possible, and find room for the cost in your business budget. Your customers and employees will thank you!