It’s All About Content, Content, Content These Days How to Boost Your SEO Rankings

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Do you want to boost your business’s rankings? Have you heard the SEO is the way to go but are not quite sure what that means? You should seek out an online marketing company or expert SEO services that can help guide your business and your website through a series of changes that will have your sales and marketing transformed. Expert SEO services will help you do more than just improve your website, they’ll help you generate targeted content, work on y our pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, improve your social media outreach, and so much more. Expert SEO services are pros at playing the game and can dedicate their full efforts to it and usually at a quite reasonable price for the services you get.
What Should I Be Focusing SEO Consulting Services On?
First and foremost, content is king. Any SEO consulting firm will tell you that. In 2014, studies showed that good solid content and inbound links were two pillars of SEO. Both those things have held true over the last couple of years. The best SEO services will help you generate targeted content that pertains to your business and the services or goods that you offer. The more keyword specific content you have, the more likely you are to rise higher within a search engine’s rankings. This means that your website has the chance to appear first (or fairly close to first) on a random search.
PPC marketing is another great thing to utilize. Although effective, it can often be a more expensive option, but the experts will tell you the best way to use it without costing you a fortune. For example, using it for promotions or speciality pricing is a great use of pay per click marketing.
Social media is another key aspect of improving your SEO. It’s more content that links back to your business and has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of users every day. Since it’s hard to run an effective social media campaign that really engages viewers, using expert SEO services to help is certainly the way to go here.
Lastly, good website design is important. Once you’ve hooked the potential customer, you want them to stay on your site. Your website has to make sense to the user — you don’t want bad links, small font sizes, and a cluttered or overwhelming aesthetic. Your website should also be mobile compatible, as searches done via a mobile device are becoming more and more prevalent.
So Why Is Mobile Becoming More Important?
With the rise of smartphones, it seems that almost anyone can access the Internet wherever and whenever they want. In January of 2014, over half of adults in America owned a smartphone and over 40% had a tablet, says the Pew Research Center. That same month, more smartphone and tablet apps were used to get online than PCs, marking the first time in history for that to occur. Studies also showed that people are more likely to spend time on their mobile device, versus a desktop or laptop — 60%, in fact! We spend about two hours a day on our phones and one out of every four searches online is done using our mobile devices.
Having your website be mobile compatible may also do more than just sync with customer preferences — it may give you sales. ComScore reports that a little under 50% of consumers say that they were less likely to look around at other options when they could purchase using a mobile app designed by the company. Businesses are taking notice. Almost every website now is compatible for cell phone or tablet use. Studies have also shown that consumers are more likely to go view another site if the website they’re on doesn’t have a mobile-compatible site.
Technology can work wonders for your business, especially if you know how to tap into it and use it to hook our technology obsessed culture. Consult with an SEO expert today to see how you can start making your millions off of good SEO marketing. Try it today and see!