Expand Your Large Format Copy Work to Blueprints

Per a 2016 survey performed by the Architectural Registration Boards, there are nearly 109,748 architects in the U.S. California leads with the greatest number of architects than other states with 17,241 architects since 2016. New York has the second biggest number of architects at 10,734. Architects, contractors and engineers all need blueprints for various reasons.

With the need for blueprints growing, it is easy to see why large format copy paper, drafting paper, engineering bond paper, white engineering bond paper, engineering rolls, plotter paper and blueprint paper are all in demand. Other media is also available from quality suppliers including vinyls, inks and lms. Print media tends to be the focus with a great desire to meet the needs of clients.

Which Type of Paper Will Meet Your Requirements?

Media suppliers take the time to really get to know your paper needs, especially for blueprints. Working in a commercial environment usually means you need to be able to print large documents fast. It is essential to keep print materials in supply including professional grade papers for large format printers, plotters and Blueline machines.

Blueprints specialty paper includes Blue-Line Diazo paper, specifically used with a Blueline machine. This type of paper is comprised of chemicals that make the copy of any particular blueprint by carefully feeding it through a blueprint machine. Run at slower speeds, you are guaranteed to yield a denser and sharper image.

Many leading manufacturers of copiers use engineering copier paper that have been manufactured to work well for an immense number of situations. Do you have low volume and high output printing production requirements? Laser media paper products can meet those necessities.

Speak with Trained Customer Service Representatives

No matter what type of media supplies you need, when you speak with trained customer service reps, you are assured quality care with orders placed correctly. Are you unsure of the type of paper you require? It is understood that you need compatible supplies that will work seamlessly with your machines. Let the experts help you choose the correct plotter paper sizes and more.