Application Properties of Graphite Packing

Graphite packing is a highly effective agent that delivers a great deal of benefits including being cost-effective. This type of packing is used across a wide range of industries.

This type of packing may be the perfect solution for your product needs. It delivers the reliability and durability that improves product safety, performance and longevity.

What is Graphite Packing?

This type of packing is created by using a large amount of graphite filaments that are twisted together to form long pieces of “yarn”. The yarn is braided to improve its strength and durability. Blocking agents and coatings are used to increase the resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

Flexible graphite packing has a 95% to 99% carbon content which gives it amazing durability and strength. It is formed with the same carbon that creates diamonds and it has a score of 1 on the MOHS scale.


There is a wide range of industries that use graphite foils, graphite laminate, graphite paper, flexible graphite seal material and other products made from graphite in their packing. It is often used in valves, machines, stuffing boxes, faucets, moving joints, media and more.

It delivers the reliability that makes it the preferential application for a host of machinery and other products.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits are well-documented and numerous and include:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • High Lubricity
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Easy to Install
  • High Rate of Thermal Conductivity

This highly durable material out performs other options when it comes to cost-effectiveness, ease of use and protection. It is widely used in industries that need reliable protection for their products from oils and acids. It is the ideal material of choice for refineries because of the protection that it delivers.

Any activity that wants an easy to use packing material that delivers maximum protection can use this to meet those needs.

Other Things to Know

When you are choosing between graphite and carbon packing consider that graphite is less abrasive then carbon. It has greater lubricity which makes it ideal for machinery that move at higher speeds. They also have a higher thermal resistance which makes them able to tolerate heat more effectively than carbon fiber.

If you need a packing material that is best for clean media, high shaft speeds, valves and more that is affordable, this packing medium may be the solution you have been searching for.