Phishing Attempts Are On The Rise Is Your Business Prepared?

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The future is here. What was tedious or risky before is now much more accessible to business and customer alike, from making online payments to sending secure information. Unfortunately, that also means harmful methods have advanced just as much. Viruses, hacking and phishing attempts have only grown over the past decade, putting people on both sides of the fence at serious risk for data loss, financial loss and, worst of all, loss in confidence. Business IT consulting is your barrier against these frustrating patterns. Offering everything from PC support to network security advances, you can take the initiative and make sure your brand isn’t just another weekly headline on what not to do.

Did You Know?

You won’t have to look far to find IT services that can support you. Technology is a field that grows as fast as digital usage does. Over 12% of all IT workers in the United States specialize in computer support. Compare this to additional studies that have found that IT workers represent an impressive 3% of the American labor force. Regardless of what you’re selling, being more confident in the digital sphere is an investment that will keep on giving.

Take A Look At The Growing IT Industry

Business IT consulting is a booming industry. It’s time to take advantage of it. The global information technology market has risen from an already impressive $2 billion back in 2014 to $2.1 billion in 2015. Overall? Worldwide IT spending is expected to hit $3 trillion sometime this year. Businesses and customers alike are hungry for accessible information, quality products and security they can rely on. This means setting up walls of defense and turning to the most skilled in the field to keep your business from going under.

Protect Against Cyber Attacks

The most frustrating element of trying to run a modern business is that of cyber attacks. Over half of all businesses today are worried about malware, spyware and phishing attempts compromising their foundation. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, it’s been revealed that one in 40 small businesses are currently at risk of being the victim of a cyber crime. The last thing your business needs is to have lost payments and stolen information putting its entire foundation at risk. This is where business IT services can help.

Check Out Your Outsourcing Resources

It’s time to outsource. When over 95% of all e-mails sent are spam and phishing campaigns are more virulent than ever, your best bet is to seek out professionals who can weather the blows alongside you. According to a survey provided by Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing, over 30% of IT services have been outsourced to business IT support services and related companies. A network security company can bolster your defenses, provide preventative measures and make your brand safe for both workers and customers alike. Try business IT consulting and see how it can make all the difference for your brand this year.