Which Digital Camera is Best for Me?

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why digital camera is best
Thanks to innovations in photography, anyone can snap quality pictures for their family and friends to enjoy for decades. Digital cameras are one of the most popular kinds of cameras due to their high-tech features, ease of use, and USB compatibility. Specialty camera stores and photo stores sold nearly 95 million digital cameras in 2014 alone. Of those who own a digital camera, 72% use it as their primary camera. Here are some statistics to help you decide which digital camera is best for you.

Photo Sharing
Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow users to share a remarkable amount of content with other users around the globe for little or no cost. The number of photos shared and uploaded to these sites is remarkable: Facebook reports that 250 billion photos have been uploaded with nearly 350 million new photos every day and Instagram has 300 million active users who share nearly 70 million photos per day. Users on all of these sites can share photos that can be directly connected to the digital camera itself. For those who love sharing photos, a digital camera is the easiest way to do it!

Professional Photographers
Many people who pick up a camera enough times get fairly good at taking pictures; professional photographers are the ones that wanted to be really good. There are currently over 136,300 American men and women who work as professional photographers, with numbers only expected to grow by 4% between 2012 and 2022. Many photographers specialize in a certain photographic style, using their preference for cameras. Since they are so easy to share, many photographers own a digital camera to easily share photos. Asking a professional photographer which digital camera is best is sure to yield insightful advice into the world of photography.