Tips On Buying Data and A/V Cables Don’t Cut Corners

Highspeed hdmi cable

HDMI cables come in two configurations: standard and highspeed. The three variations of standard are regular, standard with ethernet and automotive. Highspeed HDMI cable is available as standard high speed and high speed with internet.

Many buyers believe incorrectly that HDMI cables have to cost $50 or more, when in fact you don’t need to pay that much. Another common misconception is that the cable’s length affects the quality of its data transmission. In actual fact, unless you require a run of 100 feet or more, there’s no reason to invest in a special HDMI cable engineered for longer distances.

Cat5e cables bulk purchase makes good economic sense for your large-scale ethernet applications. You can expect five to 10 years of useful life from a Cat5e network ethernet cable that’s manufactured with top quality materials.

Cat5e cables bulk purchasers include large government contractors, national store chains with multiple video display requirements, IT professionals and network installers. As with many other things bought in volume. Cat5e cables bulk purchase is far more cost-effective than buying in small increments.

Because of the wide variation in quality, it’s always wise to buy from companies with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Whether it’s Cat5e cables, HDMI cables, fiber optic cables, USB cables or accessory items such as power strip surge protectors and even cell phone accessories, don’t cut corners on components that are so vital to the function of your business and your personal communications.

Always check your cables for wear and/or damage. Even a common phone charging cable can become a fire hazard if it is frayed. Thousands of house fires occur each year, causing loss of life, injuries and substantial property damage.

When you’re buying cables, look for a lifetime warranty, the seller’s willingness to provide tech support before and after the sale, and a distribution network that offers prompt and efficient delivery.