How to Improve Customer Satisfaction With After Hours Answering Services

How to choose an answering service

One of the top priorities for any business should always be good customer service. Consumers feel more inclined to make purchases from a company that they feel respects them and has their best interests at heart. But how can a company effectively relay this feeling?

As unreasonable as it may sound, consumers want businesses to be open at anytime to answer their questions and concerns. But most companies can’t afford to have employees on call lines 24 hours a day.

Fortunately, professional answering services are available for hire to answer customer service calls when a company’s actual employees can’t. These after hours answering services can substantially increase customer satisfaction as a result of allowing customers to contact the business for information at any time.

Not being available to customers is a very quick way to lose business. An estimated 45% of consumers in the United States say that they will abandon an online purchase if their questions or concerns are not addressed in a timely manner. Given how prevalent online shopping is these days, there is plenty of room to both gain and lose potential consumers depending on the use of live phone answering services.

However, customers are even more inclined to be repeat customers if they are happy with their purchase and interaction with the company. about 81% of consumers say they will return to purchase more products from a business in the future if they had a good customer service experience. Quality answering services should not only be able to answer questions, but also have the ability to make customers feel comfortable and open to communication.

Even though customer satisfaction is a staple for virtually any business plan, it can take a lot more than just being friendly when customers cash out. Being there for your customers when they need you is the key. After hours answering services can provide both.

If you’re looking to increase your sales, and in turn your profits, consider opening up your availability to customers with an after hours answering service.