Three Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

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Social media marketing works only if you can generate engagement. It’s not enough to just post interesting, relevant content anymore (although that’s important, too). There has to be a conversation involved.

The problem is that it can be pretty difficult to get people talking without looking like you’re fishing for attention. Even the best creative agency can have some trouble getting hits on their posts.

Thankfully, social media marketing has been around long enough for savvy experts to figure out clever ways to spark genuine discussions. Here are a few of their tips.

Tweet Images.

Sharing images on Twitter increases retweets by a whopping 150% if you can believe it. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should spam your followers’ feeds with tons and tons of pictures. It just means that your social media marketing strategy should have a strong approach towards visual content.

Run a Contest.

Running a contest is a great social media marketing tactic that can easily increase your likes, grow your email list, and expose new people to your business. It can be something; it can be something small — just so long as you make it clear that participants need to share your social media marketing content to enter.


The most simple and obvious way to improve your social media engagement is to respond to people’s comments. Conversations are, after all, two way streets. While many find it too difficult and time consuming to respond to everyone, an attempt should still be made. It shows that you care about your reputation — that you care about what people think of you. People will respond positively to that.

Ask any creative advertising agency, and they’ll tell you that the social media marketing component of their brand development strategy is conversation driven. If you have any questions about improving your social media engagement, feel free to ask in the comments. More like this blog.