Can Dinosaurs Come Back From The Dead? Internet Users Apparently Think So

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“Jay Branscomb, a Facebook pundit posted an image of Steven Spielberg posing with a dead looking realistic triceratops prop from the 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park,” CBS reports. “And people thought it was real.” That’s right. Apparently, there are people online who are gullible enough to believe that Steven Spielberg killed a dinosaur. (I guess the fact that they went extinct 66 million years ago is just an irrelevant detail.) What does this have to do with internet marketing, and why should the best social media marketing and search engine optimization firms be taking notes?

The Good News: Social Media Users Are Extremely Impressionable

Although this isn’t necessarily good news for the educational system or American morale (or perhaps even faith in humanity), it is awesome news for search engine optimization specialists and social media marketing consultants. Why? This somewhat embarrassing hoax proves that compelling content is key. In fact, eye-catching headlines, engaging content, or flashy advertisements may be the only things you need to catch consumers’ eye and ultimately improve website rankings. If titles and/or pictures are compelling enough, they will get attention — and, with a little luck, they’ll get a lot of it, even if it turns out to be well-played April Fool’s joke or online hoax.

What Is One Of The Most Tried and True Tactics? Keep Campaigns Diverse!

Another way to improve website rankings is to keep internet marketing strategies diverse. (This does not speak against the first point, but — rather — for it. Whether you are writing content, creating infographics, email advertisements, or PPC ads — it all needs to grab consumers’ attention!). Wholly 93% of internet use begins on a search engine, and it is better to have pay per click ads and engaging content bringing you to the top of the search results. Especially considering 75% of internet users will not scroll past the first page of results!

Remember, the secrets to successful internet marketing is compelling content and a diversified strategy. Grab people’s attention (and keep in mind that users are generally impressionable and will believe something shocking!), and fortify all campaigns by using a wide array of marketing tactics. Get more here.