Three Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Search Engine Optimization

A web design company

Internet marketing services are always looking for the latest innovation, the latest extra, in their efforts to stay one step ahead of the competition. In the world of digital media marketing, this is quite a feat. There are more than three billion Internet users around the world, and nearly all of them use search engines at some point in their lives (if not multiple times everyday). It is thought, for example, that 93% of all sessions on the Internet start on a search engine. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing process an incomprehensible 100 billion inquiries every month. That’s more than one trillion a year!

A recent trend in digital marketing takes advantage of the ubiquitous use of the search engine. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the more popular marketing methods right now, being used by thousands of businesses across the United States (and even more around the world). Why use search engine optimization? Here are three excellent reasons:

  1. SEO is Less Expensive Than Other Forms of Digital Media Marketing: As an inbound lead-based strategy (meaning that customers come to the company rather than the other way around), SEO is approximately 60% less expensive than conventional outbound leads (such as paid advertisements). This is great news for small businesses that do not have a lot of money to throw around.
  2. Internet Users Prefer Inbound Rather Than Outbound Leads: Traditional paid advertisements are falling out of favor with a tech-saavy, social media-consuming consumer base. Nearly 70-80% of search engine users ignore paid advertisements found on the search engines themselves. SEO makes for better marketing content, it seems, than paid advertisements.
  3. Companies Value Their Online Content More Than They Used To: Companies realize the power of the Internet and as a result value the online components of their marketing/branding strategies. One method SEO uses is creating blogs that attract search engines. As a result, companies have increased their use of blogging. Companies that blog have on average 434% more indexed pages than those that do not. Moreover, four-fifths of businesses with blogs consider them to be an “important” asset to their websites.

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