Pharmacy POS Systems The Best Features Available

Pharmacy management solutions

POS systems, or point of sale systems, are commonly used across almost all stores in America. However, some POS systems are more advanced and specially tailored to their merchants. Pharmacy POS systems, for instance, are uniquely designed to help pharmacies and drugstores better manage their inventory, cash flow, and records. If you’re in the market for a new pharmacy POS system, here are some features you should look for:

Transaction History
A good pharmacy POS system will allow you to keep track of your customers’ purchases, helping you easily maintain records of pickups and prescription refill dates. This transaction history can be imperative when patients need information for their own records or when they try to refill a prescription too soon.

Security Options
Selling people medications and prescription drugs is a very serious transaction. Therefore, security needs to be of the highest levels available. Quality pharmacy software solutions will offer security features, such as signature capturing, which will allow you to easily view the customer’s signature (kept on file) for comparison. Features like this will ensure you are giving medications to the correct people.

Restocking Features
Another benefit that some pharmacy POS systems offer is stock tracking. Inventory availability is able to be tracked through the POS system, allowing pharmacists to easily see when certain medications need to be reordered. Some pharmacy software systems also allow you to view vendor pricing and figure out the best vendor to reorder from, saving both you and your company money.

Pharmacy POS system software is important for any pharmacy or drugstore to obtain. Unlike standard PO systems, pharmacy software allows users to track patient history, easily refill low supplies of medications, and better verify security practices. If you’re looking for new or better software for your pharmacy, finding a POS system with all of these features will keep your pharmacy running as smoothly as possible.