The Benefits Of VoIP Services For Businesses

Business phone systems are integral to any company, and without a reliable system clients and customers wouldn’t be able to contact you. Today there are many options when it comes to phone networks; however, costs for business lines can quickly stack up and impact your bottom line. This is where VoIP services come into play.

What Is VoIP?

When it comes to business network solutions, VoIP is an excellent way to take care of your phone services. VoIP stands for ‘voice over internet protocol, and basically means that instead of a traditional landline, all phone communications are transmitted via the internet. With this type of network you can still use your handset, but you can also use a tablet or computer if you wanted. The only major difference is in how the call is actually transmitted.

The Benefits Of VoIP

  • Cost. When compared to business plans offered via landline or mobile services, VoIP services come at a much lower cost. Since all calls are sent and received through the internet, you don’t have to worry about having a phone line at all! Instead, all your company needs to invest in is solid internet services. While high speed internet services will cost more, better internet can come in handy not just for VoIP services, and can positively impact many facets of your business. So in the end that investment is something you can feel secure in. Additionally, if your business frequently makes international calls, VoIP services can really pay for themselves, as these calls will be cheaper overall, and with some services can even be free!

    All of these savings can add up quickly, and in some cases you can even see local expenses cut by 40 percent. When factoring in international costs, the savings can reach up to 90 percent! Now that is tangible savings that every business can benefit from.
  • Better Features. When it comes to business network solutions, VoIP services have a leg up on the competition by virtue of their additional features, a few of which can include:
    1. Call Routing. Never worry about missing an important phone call with this amazing feature. VoIP services allow you to easily forward all incoming calls to multiple devices. This means if someone calls your office phone, you will also receive the call on your mobile device, home computer, or whatever else you have linked to your account. This gives you the freedom to step out of the office and get other tasks done without worrying about missing an important call.
    2. Virtual Numbers. Having a virtual number means you can take advantage of having a local number no matter where you are in the world. If you main client base is in London, for example, you can receive a local London number with whatever area code you need. When someone from the UK calls this number, it will automatically be transferred to your device, even if your office is actually located in Anchorage, Alaska! This opens you up to more clients from all over the world, depending on where your desired clientele base is located, even if your thousands of miles away!
    3. Conference Calls. Conference calls are also made easier with VoIP business network solutions. You can add an unlimited number of people with only the click of a button, and even take advantage of video conferencing if your coworkers are so inclined. This is beneficial if you have multiple locations, as it can help people stay connected ‘face to face’ even if your offices are on different sides of the country.

    VoIP services offer these, and many more features that traditional phone lines simply can’t on their own.

If you are looking for creative business network solutions
, a VoIP system is something your business should seriously consider.