The Advantages Of Low Field NMR Spectrometers

Low field NMR spectrometers and an impressively helpful tool that is capable of providing chemists with loads of important information. Unlike other analytical methods, NMR applications are able to analyse the structure, concentration, identity and behavior of individual molecules without compromising or destroying the samples.

Chemists aren’t the only ones to benefit from the use of low field NMR either, many industries that require the understanding of molecular interactions can benefit from its use. Here are a couple of the most common advantages.

The Advantages Of Using Low Field NMR

Compact benchtop NMR technology is something that many benefits benefit from, and a couple of their biggest advantages can include:

  • The low field NMR allows the user to see the specific molecular dynamics in either a solid or liquid state without compromising them and prohibiting future examination.
  • There is no tedious preparation to conduct before viewing the samples.
  • Users can view the important structural information via vibrations produced by the molecules in their natural states, and while they are intact.
  • These spectrometers make viewing simple and decrease the time it takes to receive information.
  • Users of low field NMR spectrometers can likewise use previously established libraries to help identify the molecules.
  • There is also no need to manipulate samples for viewing which could otherwise render them unusable in the future with other approaches.
  • NMR spectrometers also make it easier to quantify molecules and identify them.

These advantages make these spectrometers nearly invaluable to chemists and those in any field that deals with molecular interactions. Proteomics, biomedicine, environmental monitoring, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical creations, and food safety fields can all benefit from NMR applications.

NMR For Sale

If your company or organization can benefit from an NMR spectrometer, you will be happy to know that they are available in low field, high field, and portable varieties. In addition, NMR interpretation software can help you sort out and understand the exact readout of your samples. Reach out to a company near you to see what types of NMR spectrometers they offer and which one would work best for your company and your needs.