Smart Phones Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Usb 3.0 superspeed extension cables

In our day and age, a person cannot survive without the smart phone. We are so dependent on our smart phones that the millennial generation has brain development different than any generation in the past. Our brains are wired to know how to find the solution to a problem (such as searching on your smart phone) instead of how to actually solve the problem.

Our dependency on smart phones is so significant that there is an entire industry surrounding cell phone accessories. Some cell phone accessories you really cannot live without. Some cell phone accessories are not worth the money. For a comprehensive guide to your must-have cell phone accessories see our list below.

Get Connected: Cell Phone Cable Accessories

Cell phone cables enable your cell phone to connect to other electronic device is and interact with them, as well as transferring power to your smart phone. USB 2.0 cables can transfer data at rates of 400 Mb per second. That’s an adequate amount for your average Joe’s cell phone use. If you are a super user with extensive cell phone data transfer needs, investing in usb 3.0 superspeed extension cables might be worth the extra cash. Either way, you’re smart phone is going to need battery power eventually, and your cell phone cable accessories are what brings that power to it.

Charge It Up: Cell Phone Batteries
There is no greater buzzkill then when your battery dies. The modern smart phone is capable of so much, but every function takes a little bite out of the battery power. Thankfully, as the capacity of the cell phone grows, so does battery technology. A few cell phone battery accessories that every smart phone owner should have include:

  • Rapid chargers- The lower the amperage of your cell phone charger, the longer that it takes to fully charge your cell phone. Investing in a rapid cell phone battery charger can save you hours and hours of sitting next to your phone waiting for it to get juiced up. The standards phone usually only needs 2 amps for a rapid charge.
  • Wireless chargers- If you have any reason to be away from the electric grid for any extended period of time, a wireless charger is a must have. Fueled by the power of the sun, a wireless charger can charge your phone when you are miles from the nearest outlet.
  • External batteries- if your cell phone cannot stay alive between when you unplug it and can plug it back into the wall, investing in an external battery will help you stay connected to the world. And external battery is a cell phone case that has a built-in battery and will charge your phone when the internal battery gets low.
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Snap It Up: Camera Accessories
Do you remember when the only way to take a picture was with a roll of film that you had to develop at your local drugstore? Depending on your age this might be completely foreign to you. The cell phone camera has gotten so elaborate, that it rivals many standalone digital camera. With a few extra accessories, your cell phone camera is capable of anything that you would use a professional camera for:

  • Lens attachments- When you’re buying a digital camera, there are two numbers that correspond with resume capacity at the lens. Digital zoom and optic zoom. Digital zoom effectively makes the size of the pixels larger, so that the image appears closer; this degrade the quality of the photo. Optic zoom works like a telescope, and actually brings the image closer. Most cell phone cameras only have digital soon. Not to be dismayed, a few pocket-size attachments can put the optic zoom power on your phone camera. These lens attachments are low cost accessory that gave you professional grade photos anywhere you go.
  • Selfie stick- If a tree falls in the forest and you’re not there to take a picture of yourself watching it, did it really fall? Sometimes you just can’t get that background that you want at an arms length for your selfie. The selfie stick gives you several additional feet to get the full image in your picture. Anyone who considers themselves serious about the social media life absolutely must have a selfie stick. Absolutely must.