Six Benefits Companies Can Gain From Hiring New Talent

Whether they’re unmotivated, unhappy, not a good fit for a position or just looking for something new, people are switching jobs more than ever there days. By the end of June 2015, it wad found that 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their jobs; an increase of 25% compared to June 2013.

All that transition often leaves companies with plenty of job vacancies they don’t want or can’t afford to have. So what are companies to do to fill those spots? The simple answer is to use HR executive search firms or executive search consultants to hire new talent. HR executive search consultants can help companies find candidates who are qualified, eager and ready to contribute to a company’s success.

You may think that going with experience over youth is a better hiring practice, but there are many advantages to hiring new talent such as recent graduates. These advantages include:

  • Finding the right fit: For many companies, there’s a lot of benefit in filling a job vacancy with a young, fresh face. Essentially a fresh face represents a blank slate that can be trained and molded in a way that benefits the company. This allows companies to hire employees that fit into their culture and bring in skills that are needed. Hiring from outside isn’t always the best choice, but hiring new talent, especially recent grads allow companies to train employees and help them grow into productive members of the team.
  • A chance for innovation: The way companies do business is always changing, always evolving. The best way to stay on the cutting edge is by taking risks and being innovative. Using HR executive search firm allows companies to hire young professionals with nothing to lose. This makes them ready to soak up any and all knowledge given to them. This also makes them ready to try new ideas a company might not have thought of before and that innovative thinking can bring a lot of reward.
  • In tune with technology: The way companies conduct business changes usually because technology is always changing. Fortunately, new hires, especially millennial hires, are very attuned to technology. Surveys have found that four in five millennials owns a smartphone and companies would be hard pressed to find millennials who aren’t eager to use technology.
    Prowess with technology, especially new technology, makes a prospective employee very intriguing to a company and HR executive search firms can find those candidates. They can learn new technology quickly and help their fellow employees as well.
  • A lack of bias: Nothing can divide a staff of any company faster than office politics. It’s annoying, it’s dividing and it doesn’t help anyone. Thankfully new, young professionals aren’t familiar with a particular company’s office politics and thus they join a company without bias. This allows them to form their own opinions of their co-workers and to focus on their work, rather than being bogged down in office politics.
  • Building for the future: Recent college graduates are constantly one of the biggest workforce demographics. By using HR executive search firms to seek out the absolute best young professionals, companies are building for the future whether they know it or not. By hiring young, moldable professionals, companies can train them and help them advance through the company, eventually putting them in position to take over key leadership roles.
  • A chance to learn: One way companies can benefit from using search firms, is having the choice to hire either full-time employees or part-time employees. As far as part-time work is concerned, hiring temporary interns is a good idea because it gives companies a chance to test out prospective employees or new positions. This is a good way to weed out which employees are looking for some work experience and which are fully committed to become a full-time part of a company.

HR executive search firms can help companies find quality candidates and can make the hiring process much easier. Search firms and search consultants are knowledgeable about many industries and can help companies find the very best, rather than being stuck in a vicious hiring cycle.