More Cyberattacks are Coming Should You Get a POS System?

Pos system retail

Given the wave of cyberattacks on restaurant and retail POS systems over the past year, it’s perfectly normal to be a bit gun-shy when considering a POS equipment purchase. It’s true that POS equipment manufacturers have struggled to upgrade security in time to stop hackers, and it’s also true that the cyberattacks are expected to continue into next year.

However, putting off that POS equipment purchase you’ve been planning for a while now isn’t the answer. Older register systems are even more susceptible to security issues, and they won’t be compatible with the protections that security agencies have developed in response to the hacks.

The U.S. POS software development industry grew by about 3.3% annually from 2009 to 2014, and it will likely continue to grow as malware and virus detection needs become greater. The best advances, however, are unlikely to be available for that dinosaur computer you use to track sales. In fact, older operating systems like Windows XPe took a large part of the blame for several of the year’s major retailer hacks.

Cyber security experts are already working to identify the malware programs hackers will use in 2015, and many POS suppliers and third-party security companies are stepping up their game in regards to hackers.

New point of sale systems for retail are also set to be more secure as companies integrate new payment systems, like chip-and-pin/EMV and near-field-communication options like Apple Pay and Softcard. Though it’s possible hackers will get around these as well, most experts are looking to these payment methods as a much more secure way to check customers out.

While security may still be an issue if you invest in a new POS system, you’re still better of with one than without one. POS systems also allow you to track inventory, replenish items efficiently, reduce pricing errors and speed up checkouts.
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