Liquid and Immersion Cooling Methods and Why they Work

When considering the data center server at your business, you probably think of a dark and hot room with little air circulation. This is because many times a computer rack server room cannot be cooled by using forced air such as air conditioning. Many people are aware that alternate cooling options may be the answer to those wondering how to increase server performance. More than half of all equipment failures with IT is because of failed air conditioning or units that haven’t been maintained. Liquid cooling is a method that can increase cooling and costs as much as 25% less than forced air. There are other benefits when it comes to liquid cooling or immersion cooling compared with air conditioner cooling.

Forced Air

Forced air turns warm air into cool air, although this is not the best method when it comes to a computer rack server or data center room. The cost to cool the hot air to the temperature that it needs to be is not cost effective and costs companies loads of money. To top it off, the amount of air cooled and pushed through most of the time is still not efficient enough to properly cool the data center.

Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling is not something that is new, although there were problems with earlier versions. Earlier versions leaked causing major damage to the data center and contents. Water leakage is no longer an issue due to the way water is used now. Instead of water being pushed in order to cool the system, it is pulled and sucked. A sensor is designed to immediately alert IT professionals so that it can be remedied to fix the problem.

There are better ways to significantly cool a data center, compared with the older ways which are less efficient. Liquid cooling is effective, uses less energy and extends the life of your data center. There are less worries with liquid cooling and immersion cooling compared with other options. Not only are they greener options, but they just make more sense compared with other cooling options.