How Many Internet Searches Do You Complete in a Day?

The need for search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever before. Whether you are the owner of a small business boutique or you are part owner of a large organization that offers a number of services, it is important to get noticed. From social media posts to website designs to content marketing, there are a number of ways that marketing companies can be of assistance.

The fact that 80% of internet users are smartphone owners is one indicator that every website and social media platform that you use must be able to adapt to the difference in screen size. Potential customers who need to battle with a website that is not optimized for different screens quickly become irritated and will simply leave your site. With the use of the right search engine team, however, you can make certain that all of these problems are addressed and you stay connected to the customers who will bring you the most business.

Are You Happy with the Services Provided by Your Current Marketing Agency?
Even though the latest research indicates that 79% of leads never convert into sales, it is important that you make as many connections as possible. Getting business from the 21% of leads that will pan out will be more substantial if you connect with a larger group in the beginning. For instance, although any search will bring up pages of results, nearly 47% of consumers indicate that they only look at three to five pieces of content before considering a purchase from a site. This means that if your company or business does not show up as one of the top entries you will not even be considered.

The best marketing teams can help create organic content that will use the needed keywords to drive your business to the top of any search, increasing the chance that you will get a sale. In fact, the latest marketing research indicates that creating and deploying targeted content can increase a business’s sales opportunities by as much as 20%. From Cyber Monday through the rest of the holiday season, there are many opportunities to make sure that you are positioned to make this year the most successful one ever.