Fiber Optic Internet Is Your Best Bandwidth Solution

Do your videos freeze before you can finish watching them? Do your downloads seem to take for ever? Do you have to stop and wait for pages to load when you’re trying to get work done online? You might not have fiber optic internet. This type of high speed internet is the bandwidth solution that many businesses need, and it can often be the answer to a lot of problems when it comes to powering a typical office.

What Is Fiber Optic Internet?

Through a fiber optic internet connection, data can successfully be transferred quickly and efficiently over the cables. The name is technically incorrect because there are not actual fibers in fiber optic internet cable. The “fibers” here are really thin, glass wires that make up the cable. The data moves through the cables across the wires as light. This allows data to travel extremely fast — truly at the speed of light.

The very first fiber optic cable ever put into place was used to connect the U.S. with France and Britain. It was placed in 1988. Now, hundreds more fiber optic cables have been installed all over the planet. Since those first days of fiber optic cable, the internet has expanded far beyond what anyone could have ever predicted. All different types of data can now be transferred in an instant. The ability to send text, video, and audio to the other side of the world almost instantly with the touch of a button is really astonishing. But is that what your high speed internet is doing for you…or is it making you wait?

You and Your Internet Service Provider

The internet is pretty much used for everything these days. Even many telephone providers use fiber optic cable and high speed internet, and more and more businesses and consumers are turning to voice over IP telephone services. This is also known as VoIP service.

When the internet is used for everything, that means businesses are completely reliant on the internet to do any real business at all. If you’ve ever gone to a bank or a retail store when their computers were down, then you know that many businesses can’t even function without the internet. Fiber optic internet is the bandwidth solution that many businesses rely on.

Fiber optic cable is placed underground, which leaves it largely unaffected by weather. Where traditional power lines and other high speed internet options are affected by heavy wind and rains, fiber optic cable is usually buried. This means the internet should go out only very rarely, if at all, so businesses and continue to function even during some of the worst weather events. Fiber optic cable allows for the transfer of all different types of data, which means they can provide internet and VoIP services. Talk to your internet service provider or find a VoIP provider to ensure that you’re getting fiber optic internet.

In today’s world, all you need to achieve any goal is high speed internet that’s reliable and works well. With fiber optic internet, who knows what you can ultimately achieve?