Broken Computers, Cybersecurity, and Everything In Between

Right now, technology is used on a near daily basis by average people across the globe. Technology has now helped society progress to a point where new innovative forms of communication and thinking are reaching the forefront of life. SEO services, IT services, and fixing a broken computer are all serious parts of how business think and work.

Search engines are the top driver of traffic to content related websites. This stat is just one of many that point to the prevalence of the internet and computers. Over 100 billion search engine inquiries are conducted each month worldwide. Furthermore, an estimated 82.6% of internet users utilize search engines. Here are the facts on why it is imperative to hire IT support and IT Security to help with your broken computer.

Computer maintenance and computer help is a huge part of how businesses function. No workplace can have a broken computer and still be successful in the long term. Now, there is more and more business investing money in IT consulting and maintaining your computer.

Compliance mandates such as PCI, HIPAA, and FISMA require businesses to protect, track and control access to sensitive information. This is important because a broken computer or a cybersecurity breach can bring about the great danger in terms of what information comes in and out. Furthermore, these compliances help manage businesses and what they do with sensitive information. A HIPAA compliance breach of fewer than 500 records could result in a hefty $50,000 fine.

Just about 80% of all breaches happen because of weak admin passwords. This is why security for computers and the internet are incredibly important. As a matter of fact, it is just as important as fixing and repairing a broken computer.

According to a recent survey, some 87% of small businesses experienced a security breach in just a year of 2012 alone. These types of breaches are dangerous because it can potentially expose vital and important information. So be sure to fix a broken computer or to implement a safe and secure password to protect your information and computer system.

Between 75% and 80% of all malicious attacks come from within an organization, not from an external threat, making it all the more necessary to use ethical hacking services such as security auditing and penetration testing to evaluate your IT infrastructure thoroughly. Hacking is dangerous and can be made even more dangerous thanks to a broken computer that has a virus.

Any business that needs to get help from tech support workers and technical consultants should make sure that they get a long-term employee to help with IT support. This will help them stay on top of a broken computer or a broken security system. As of right now, 9 out of every 1,000 computers are infected with spam. Spam can eventually lead to a virus so be sure to have a solid security system in place. Each day 60 billion emails are sent, 97% of which are spam.

57% of small businesses reported staff-related cyber breaches in recent years, making it all the more necessary to be vigilant with new and existing employees. The federal government has suffered a nearly 680 percent increase in cybersecurity breaches in the past six years.

In Conclusion

Avoiding spam and the dangers that come along with it can potentially be as easy as just fixing a broken computer. thus, having a talented IT worker on staff that can be contacted for a quick PC repair is a great advantage to have in your back pocket. It will surely come in handy whenever you have any potential problems!