3 Standards of a Positive Hospitality Experience

Hotel reservations software

Everything seems to be automated in today?s world. If you need to access funds from your bank, you simply drive up to the automated bank teller. You want to order lunch, you hit a few buttons on your computer and it is on its way. You want to catch up with a friend, you log onto your laptop and send them an automated message. Current technological times dictate automation. Consumers of today have a new standard of convenience, speed, and ease. The same qualities should also apply to the hospitality industry.

Standards of convenience
The vacation and accommodation planning process has become extremely convenient. Guests can research numerous hotels on the internet, pulling up information about amenities, reviews, and price. With the click of a button, they can also book a room and request special room service.

Hospitality technology trends have made this possible and any hotel business that wants to stay competitive today needs to have this available to their guests. Besides price and location, BandB travelers look to the following when deciding where to stay, consumer reviews (50%), photos (47%), friend?s recommendations (46%), flexible cancellation policy (43%), and the ability to book online (43%). Having a convenient internet presence is extremely important.

Standards of speed
Convenience and speed tend to go hand in hand. However, many hotels do make a few common speed mistakes. The first one is not optimizing for mobile users. Mobile queries within the travel category have increased more than 50%. Guests want to research potential hotels from their mobile device. When you don?t optimize for mobile use, you struggle to reach this demographic. As cell phones because even more technological, they are likely to only increase in importance. Cell phones are not going anywhere and if you want to remain competitive in the hospitality technology trends area, mobile optimization is required.

Secondly, many hotels take advantage of online booking but then do not offer the same technological standards of speed in person. Hotel guests do not want to spend a long period of time checking in or checking out. They also want the ability to pull up nearby destinations, driving routes, and call for a cab quickly. Using an advanced hotel management front desk software program can automate this process. Additionally, hotels can still have a front desk employee on staff for those who prefer checking in the traditional way.

Standards of ease
All ages are on the internet in some way. As hospitality technology trends become the norm, booking online is likely to become the standard way of reserving a room. This process needs to be easy or guests will easily choose another hotel. Travelers conduct approximately 17 research sessions before booking. This means that they already know everything about your hotel and your local hotel competitors. Make sure you make an impression on your online presence and that you provide users with an easy transaction process.

Choosing the right hospitality management software program
It can be difficult to choose the right hospitality management software program. Hospitality technology trends are constantly changing and you can quickly fall behind in terms of technology standards. There are also many benefits of property management systems including improving employee retention, improving guest satisfaction, and increasing guest counts. Find a program that produces your needed goals.

Technology has evolved the hospitality industry, just as it has changed the way we do pretty much everything else. Using the right hotel management system is crucial in giving guests a convenient, speedy, and easy booking process.