10 Tips and Tricks to Deal with Cable Clutter

In today’s world, it seems everything we use has at least one cable attached to it. From the computer accessories we use to the electrical components we love, modern life comes with a lot of strings attached. The good news is there are ways to tame the clutter and keep your home or office from looking like a snakes’ nest. Here are some ways you can clean up your clutter:

  1. Get rid of as many cables as you can. While, you will always need some cables, such as those that provide your computer accessories with power from the wall, there are a number of devices you can get wireless versions for. These include:
    • Your mouse.
    • Your keyboard.
    • Your printer.
    • Your phone and tablet can be charged on a wireless charging stand.
    • Your speakers.
  2. Use a wall to hide your cables. Many people use wall plates for home theaters to hide the unsightly cables from wall mounted televisions. Another way to go is to use the wall itself to hide your cables. What you do is drill a hole behind the television, feed your cables through the wall, drill another hole by the outlet, and pop your cords out through that hole. By pushing your cables through your drywall, no one has to look at them and this works well for televisions and other devices that need cabling.
  3. Get some larger, binder clips to mount cables behind a desk. For any of your electronic and computer accessories that you keep on your desk, you can keep them from taking over your workspace by bundling them together and attaching them to the back of your desk with a few binder clips. If the clips are in a place where people can see them, adding some paint can make them blend right in.
  4. Look into cable catches. These are devices made just to cut down on cable clutter. You feed all of your cables through the catch, which then keeps everything under control. These keep them from getting out of hand but also keeps them secure.
  5. Use zip ties or velcro, a toilet paper roll or to tame your cables. These household items and materials can work wonders when you are working with cables from all of your computer accessories. First label everything. Next bundle the cords together. Then bind them together with your preferred item or fastening material.
  6. Get some cord covers. To deal with the plethora of cables required by today’s computer accessories, there are cord covers. These are best for cables that line the floor by the baseboards. You can also get flat ones. There are a few reasons these are great options. They look great and can keep you from tripping over cables as you walk across your rooms.
  7. Put everything in a bin or basket. If you have an area with a nest of cables, you can place everything in a bin or basket. Some people even use a drawer to hide their router and the cords that it needs.
  8. Put in a docking station. This is great if you have a number of computer accessories and devices that all need power. You can even put together a docking station that makes it all look great. This keeps your cables from turning into a mess.
  9. Look into using command hooks. When you are trying to keep all of your cables hidden, another way to go is to use command hooks. After you have hung your hooks, you can just thread the cables through the hooks and they will be out of the way and not look like a terrible mess. Command hooks are often used in places to hang paintings. These can be removed easily as well.
  10. Consider using flat wires. If you really do not to see your cables, you can also opt for flat wires. These can be placed wherever and then be painted over. In fact, when these are hung on a wall and then the wall is painted, you can barely tell they are there. This is an easy way to calm the cable clutter around your television or entertainment center.

We depend on our computer accessories and devices, these tips can help keep the cables under control.