Why Your Everyday Life Depends on the Roadways

Temporary road construction

We have all been there, stuck in traffic, waiting for the slow poke in front of us to put their foot on the gas pedal, frustratingly looking at our watches, just before blaring the horn over and over again. There is nothing that says freedom, like car travel, but that freedom can easily become a prison when you are stuck in a traffic jam As a motor vehiclist you know that the most frustrating thing to have to deal with is traffic. Traffic can occur for many reasons, human error, wildlife or even poor motorists, but more common and most time consuming is traffic caused by the dreaded detour due to construction or accidents. While these minor inconveniences can mean loss of time and wages to the everyday commuter, to the professional truck driver they can mean much bigger repercussions.

Why Your Everyday Life Depends on the Roads

What many people may not know in this age of advanced transportation is that the highways and roads are in many ways essential to our modern day life. Most of our produce, goods and other amenities are delivered by truckers on the great roadways of commerce. Imagine if every truck magical disappeared, there would be panic in the streets. Grocery stores would quickly b out of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats;shortly followed by dry and canned goods. Keeping this in mind it is important to take a closer look that road travel plays in our everyday lives. Maybe the next time you have to deal with temporary road construction access road construction or a temporary traffic diversion bridge, you will think about all the men and women that keep our country moving.

Why Detours are Important

One of things that we take pride in as Americans is our infrastructure, our roads and our highways are maintained through our governments, ensuring that they provide safe and reliable travel. If you consider other developing countries, their roadways suffer from deterioration. They are often plagued with missing sections of asphalt, pot holes, sink holes and improper signage. One thing that makes it possible to maintain our roads to such a high caliber is construction detour. While having to take an alternate and slower route can prove frustrating, in many ways t is essential to the proper functioning of our roads.

Consider the Recent Events in Atlanta

A good example of temporary traffic diversion bridges and short term bridges work can be seen in the recent events on I-85 in Atlanta, Georgia. A fire that started on the evening March 31st ended in the collapse of an entire section. The highway is one of the ares most busy roadways. Repairs are expected to take as many a several months, meaning inconveniences for the regular motorist using the stretch of highway. Although officials have not discussed plans in any great length there is most likely a chance that a temporary traffic diversion bridge will be used to keep traffic moving along the highway while repairs are being made. While many may see these detours as a great inconvenience the truth is by using temporary bridges, commerce and commuter travel can continue along this busy stretch of highway, even if it is at a slower pace. This is something to be applauded.