When Was the Last Time That Your Team Practiced Fire Drill Safety Measures at Work?

Automatic fire sprinkler design plays an important role in the safety of many buildings. From schools to hospitals to factories to retail shopping centers, the successful implementation of automatic fire sprinkler design saves lives and property. With a stringent and specific set of requirements from local and state agencies, in fact, no building can ever be opened until it has passed all fire protection sprinkler system installation inspections. In addition, renovations to a building also require additional fire sprinkler inspections, and to make sure that there is a continued plan for safety, fire sprinkler inspections are required as often as once a year in most buildings.

Not surprising, fire sprinkler system designers are themselves required to go through specific training to make sure they understand a number of variables that play into the safety of a building. Combined with the use of smoke detectors, in fact, the safety of workers, inventory, and property is determined by the successful installation of fire sprinkler systems.

Planning for Fire Safety Continues to be an Important Task for Many Companies

As the beginning of the new school year arrives, every parent, teacher, and returning child knows that fire safety drills will be a part of the process. In addition to understanding the classroom procedures, students are expected to know what to do in the case of a fire somewhere in the building. Led by their teachers, children not only have fire safety drills at the beginning of the school year, but throughout the rest of the nine months as well.

Schools, of course, are not the only places where fire drills are important. It is also essential that hospital and factory workers understand the process of safety evacuations and fire drill procedures in the event of an emergency. As a continued threat to both new and old building alike, a structure fire occurred every 63 seconds in 2017. In addition, a home fire occurred every 88 seconds, and an outside property fire occurred every 51 seconds. Fortunately, since automatic fire sprinklers were first put into use in the U.S. in 1874, there have been continued updates to protect both people and property.