What Attracts You to a Website?

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What do your eyes do when they see a block of text?
Do they quickly scan down the page to determine the length of the article? Are you encourages by short paragraphs, but turned off by long blocks of text?
Do you look through the copy to find any words in bold to see if you even understand or recognize the vocabulary?
Would you rather read information presented in a question and answer format than long complex sentences?
Whatever your reading style is, you can be sure that some web design company has studied it and found a way to present information in just the right format so that you will stay interested.
Web design experts know, for example, that social media platforms and blogs now reach eight out of every ten U.S. internet users, and that these blogs and social media updates account for 23% of all the time Americans spend online. In fact, chances are that if you get a social media update you will think nothing of clicking away.
We just hope that you will return.
Because SEO consultants and SEO experts know that we are an audience accustomed to multi-tasking, they also know that they might be able to grab reader attention by sending a scrolling ad through your social media timeline or by
throwing a catchy blog headline your way.
Web design company experts also know that 75% of all users never scroll past the first page of search results so they know there job is to create enough content to get their customers on that first page.
The best website design company also knows that they must present clients with quick loading content. The change in a company website bounce rate spikes all the way to 100% when a page takes four seconds or more to load. the bounce rate jumps to 150% if a page takes eight seconds or more to load.
If you are ready to move your company to the top of any search engine list, you must also be ready to enlist the assistance of the very best web design company to achieve your goal.
How did we do? Did yo make it through to the end of this post? Did you leave once or twice to go check your social media and quick chat timelines, or did you stick with us to the end?
You Win!
Or, maybe we did.